Yarnstorm Yorkshire

What is yarnstorming?

It is producing a piece of art made from yarn, leaving it on statues, posts, seats and other public objects, especially secretly and without official permission, and hoping it makes others smile.

Yarnstorming is happening all over the world and since Yorkshire is the home of yarn, it is time for it to make an impact here too. Yarn will one day take over the world!

What happens to the yarnstorms?

Probably someone will take them. Each item has a label with “Taken me? Confess your sheep rustling at www.wessendenwoollies.com/yarnstorm-yorkshire” on it. Let me know if you give it a good home!

Can I join in?

Of course! Anyone can yarnstorm. Get in contact with me via the contact page. Please also use this if you wish to use my photos.

Yarnstorm 1 – YSP 18/02/2012










Yarnstorm 2 – Standedge Tunnel 4/6/12