Caffe Latte Laptop Snug in Knit Now!

May 6, 2012 in Caffe Latte Laptop Snug, patterns by Sarah A

Wessenden Woollies is in issue 8 of Knit Now magazine! My caffe latte laptop snug pattern is perfect for this magazine that specialises in small portable projects that can be knit on the move (such as the train like I do – perfect for putting people off sitting next to you!) or at your local pub (be careful how much wine you drink – you don’t want to have to frog it all the next day when you notice how many mistakes you have made under the influence).

I like Knit Now as a magazine. It has lots of designs in each issue Рover 30 in this one I think. The designs vary from simple beginner pieces (such as my laptop snug) to much more intricate socks and shawls so there is something for everyone. It has interesting articles and interviews with designers, tells you about current trends and showcases lots of beautiful yarns and new publications so I can be sure not to miss anything new.

One of my favourite features is the little info box on each pattern that tells you whether it is for beginners, intermediates or advanced knitters, how much yarn is needed overall and whether it can be knitted in hours, days or weeks – fantastic for planning projects.

The reviews by knitting groups are really good for getting opinions on yarn too. Each issue a different knitting group is visited. They get chance to knit with different yarns and then fill in a comment sheet. I always like to have multiple points of view so this is a great feature.

Kate Heppell is a fantastic editor to work with too. Very helpful and quick with replies. I recommend giving Knit Now a look now!